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In collaboration with Tennessee State University’s Nursing program W.O.M.E.N.  has provided a mutually beneficial clinical experience to the nursing students.  We would love to share your stories; If you would like to be an intern or if you were a past intern and would like to share your experience please let us know. Below we are thrilled to share with you the feed back of the individual experiences while interning  with us.


The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to support women with HIV, domestic abuse victims, drug abusers, homeless women, and those who need counseling while respecting the confidentiality of all clients. From this clinical experience, I was motivated to keep doing the right thing. I have learned that no matter how dark life gets, I can always help those in need. From a health standpoint, it is very crucial to keep all patients records confidential. When she said that she lost her job, because her HIV record got leaked, I was frantic on the inside. Nobody deserves to go through what she went through with certain doctors and other HCPs. Different life crisis and adversities can make you stronger than ever, even though it may take time to actually believe in yourself.    

-Nursing Student 


During my clinical rotation at the W.O.M.E.N’s Organization I have gained so much about the standard and reason for the founding this organization. Ms. Catherine Wyatt-Morley encountered a life-changing situation that placed her in two alternatives. That was to crumble and fall or stand tall and fight the odds. She chose to fight. She chose to speak up to let her voice be heard about the awareness that would soon take place in Middle Tennessee. I find her perseverance incredible. Ms. Wyatt-Morley represents someone who truly started from the bottom and with time and dedication has risen to the top. She started this organization over 20 years ago and it is still thriving till this day. I have gained so much knowledge from this woman that one word could not describe it all. I learned that to build a non-profit organization, takes hard work. You have to form relationships with various companies to get them to donate supply to reach those in need. The assignment I chose to do involved me driving to several Harley-Davidson locations around Nashville to see if they would be interested in donating a few shirts to be sold on eBay which in return raises money for the non-profit organization and gives the donating company a tax break. I learned that when going on a go-see I need to be more concise on what the organization I am representing is seeking for when collaborating with potential partners. I didn’t know this part of the business on the last go-see but now that I am aware. I know now how to word information in a way that doesn’t just say “we want your company to donate” instead, making the opportunity one everyone can benefit from. So from this experience I have gained more knowledge on how to conduct myself in more business professional manner.   – Clinical Student


I have enjoyed my clinical experience at this location because it has opened my eyes up to the importance of HIV/AIDS support. Catherine has impacted and reached countless lives. I think this organization represents Community Health perfectly. This organization represents this because they not only provide support to those in need, but links the community to medical care, provides mental wellness initiatives, free screening, education and counseling about the disease, access to Youth Zone and transportation for those I need. I plan on supporting this organization during my clinical rotation the best I can through donations of necessities. I am motivated by Catherine to make an impact throughout my entire career by reaching out to the community.  -Student 


My experience at W.O.M.E.N. was eye opening, interesting, and intriguing on how just one person can make such a large difference in the local community, America, and the world without many resources. I was able to learn so much about HIV and AIDS and how Nashville is very under-served with this type of assistance. I believe many more people will be able to receive assistance with this organization and it is an invaluable resource in the Nashville community.  -Student of Nursing


After spending some time at WOMEN, my observation and time spent in the facility has left a positive impression. The atmosphere is calm and friendly and there’s a smiling and welcoming face behind each desk. The cleanliness and organization of the facility is also something that I took note of. It’s by no means a “state of the art” facility with the newest electronics and technology, but it’s evident that Ms. Catherine has made the most with the resources they have available. Years of files, documents, grants, accomplishments, and past events are documented and neatly filed away in binders and organized by time periods. Supplies are neatly stored in clearly labeled drawers. The library is filled with numerous books, videos, and resources for both educational and enjoyment purposes. One thing that stood out about the “library” is that children are welcomed. This simple convenience is just one tiny example of how WOMEN has been structured with women in mind.

 – Tennessee State University BSN student 





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