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W.O.M.E.N.’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

We began our campaign humbly in 1999 with just a few bags of canned goods donated to the families our organization serves so they could have a Happy Thanksgiving. Our program has grown through the needs of our community and the generosity of our donors.

We have been proud to serve our community faithfully with this program, however, the economy has negatively affected our community, as you know, and our needs have grown greatly as the families we serve have drastically increased. We expect to give out more than 520 bags of perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs domestic violence survivors and their children this November, so they too will have a nutritious meal on Thanksgiving Day.

2018 marks W.O.M.E.N.’s 19th year hosting our annual Thanksgiving Giveaway. This year, we will be donating holiday food baskets to Human Trafficking Survivors in the Middle TN area. The baskets will provide survivors and their families with all of the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. In addition to collecting non-perishable items, we are also looking provide meat (chicken, turkey, hen etc.) for these families. Due to the fact that meat will need to be purchased closer to Thanksgiving Day, we ask that those wanting to help in this way donate gift cards so that we may purchase it.


A list of the non-perishable items needed for the baskets can be found below.
Boxed Stuffing Mix (like Stovetop)
Instant Mashed Potatoes in boxes or packets
Jars or packets of Gravy Mix
Canned Yams
Cranberry Sauce
Canned Veggies (green beans, corn, peas)
Canned Fruit
Cornbread Mix
Canned Pumpkin or Fruit Pie Filling
Pie Crust Mix
Evaporated Milk
Salt and Pepper
Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
Fixings for Green Bean Casserole – Cream of Mushroom Soup, Canned Green Beans, French Fried Onions
Cake Mix or Brownie Mix and Can of Frosting
Vegetable Oil
Bags of Dried Beans or Rice
Boxes of Jell-O or Pudding Mix
Box of Graham Crackers
Disposable roasting pans
Disposable pie tins


We also like to offer toiletry kits to the families receiving food. A list of the toiletry items needed for the kits can be found below.
Tooth Brushes
Tooth Paste
Sanitary Pads
Wash Rags
Mouth Wash
Body Wash
Body Spray (Both Women’s spray and Men’s spray)
Purple Purse Challenge

Purple Purse Challenge

BreakFREE is W.O.M.E.N.’s Domestic Violence Program that provides case management, peer navigation, survivor plans, mental health services, employment readiness, financial empowerment, legal support, victim advocacy and training, complete care continuum support and services to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking in Middle Tn.

BreakFREE incorporates the Duluth Model, relationship building between peers, victims, legal and the justice system, as well as a variety of outreaches, interventions and training sessions to provide survivors with the most comprehensive and culturally specific services. We acknowledge that community outreach; trauma informed care, health and wellness education, therapy, avoiding homelessness and gaining employment are essential services needed for our BreakFREE clients on their healing journey.

Here at W.O.M.E.N., we advocate and support these courageous women who either reach out to us wanting to leave their abuser or have just left. In order to do this, we have to have the necessary funds and resources readily available so that each and every domestic violence survivor and their children can be assured that they will be provided with the needed all encompassing support, the moment they make the decision to leave. When considering your donation, please remember that all funds raised will go directly to services and resource for survivors of domestic violence.

To support us Click Here

W.O.M.E.N.’s Spa Day

Our BreakFREE Program has things in place for us all to celebrate our first (invitation only) Spa Day event this Friday, May 26th. Our Domestic Violence department and volunteers have been working very hard getting donations and sponsors for this event.  The purpose of this event is to celebrate our clients ability to BreakFREE from domestic violence and to learn their worth and power.  This event is geared towards pampering these victims allowing many of them a first time receiving Message, Facial, Mani, Pedi and Salon experience. We encourage empowerment and uplifting education pertaining to domestic violence. Not all victims live to tell their stories. For us it is important that all women dealing with abuse of any kind know that they have the power to control their life, so if you are a victim – don’t wait, get help and get out now! We are very excited to share with the public the support we have here in Davidson County and the surrounding areas. Next time you are out shopping, stop by and thank these places for their support.


Image result for Massage Spa

Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters:

Coca-Cola Company (local Area)

Domino’s  (Store #5416)

Belcourt Theater

Fazoli’s (10 Harding Mall)

Sonic Drive Thru (398 Harding Place)

Wal-Mart (Store #688)

Victoria Secret  (Rivergate Goodlettsville)

Publix (Store #1116)

Cosmetology via TCAT Murfreesboro

Candice Lopez (Scentsy Consultant)

Kathryn M. (Message Therapist)

Natalie B. (Message Therapist)

Diana Hyter (Entertainment/Spiritual)


The locations, names and or companies listed above are not associated with our organization nor agree with anything we support. They are only donors for this event.




Operation Panty Power is in full Effect!



A Community Thrives (ACT) part of the USA TODAY NETWORK enables community members to act on ideas that improve the people, organizations, government, and businesses around them by equipping them with the resources they need to thrive.


Our founder and CEO Catherine Wyatt-Morley developed “Operation Panty Power” to empower women using an out of the box method while getting the true message across.   Operation Panty Power (O.P.P) is a campaign to empower women! Our purpose is to distribute new unworn panties to women 18 years of age and older. Each panty distributed is accompanied by an educational message that encourages protection and empowerment.


 We have entered a grant contest opportunity and we need your help with votes. The  grant money will be used to operate and spread the word about our causes. Our plans include:



Purchase and upgrade materials e.g. box’s, ribbon, package paper, panty labels, box labels, messages, printing, sewing needles, thread.


Expand empowerment campaign and empowerment messages to homeless women, rape victims, human trafficked victims etc.


Develop relationships with shelters, women’s center, OBGYN’s, breast cancer centers, family health centers, community centers etc. to help with outreaching the campaign.


Establish relationship with large panty makers to work with us long term.


Purchase different sizes, colors, shapes, textures, and brands of panties 


Partner with well-known brands and influencers.


Establish relationship to marketing/PR for OPP


Seek spokesperson for campaign


Distribution of finished product


Recruit additional partners


Incentives for assemblers


Material storage






The National Voting Period will begin on April 12, 2017 and end on May 12, 2017.


Share our submission with friends, family, social media and your community and encourage them to vote for us! We need lots of votes because the top 10 voted submissions in each category will be reviewed by a panel of judges.






Vote For W.O.M.E.N.’s O.P.P. Campaign




Maximum one (1) vote per person, per day. All applicants will receive an email informing them if their application will move onto judging or not.



To Vote click HERE

Now’s the time – The Big Payback is here!



We’ve been counting down the days to The Big Payback. The excitement surrounding 24 hours of Middle Tennesseans coming together to support the nonprofit community is contagious. And thanks to supporters like you, we are able to continue our vital work in bridging the gaps to reduce health disparities while making a positive impact in Middle Tennessee.   In the past three years, more than $6.75 million has been raised for our community. Let’s rally together to make The Big Payback 2017 even BIGGER.


Our Cause


Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender. It can happen to couples who are married, living together or who are dating. Domestic violence affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels.


  • * One in four women (25%) has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime.

  • * Nearly three out of four (74%) of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence.

  • * On average, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in this country every day.



    Abuse is physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person. This includes any behaviors that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, injure or wound someone. Take a stand with us and help us stop domestic violence in Nashville Davidson county and surrounding areas. Our mission is to bridge the gaps to reduce health disparities. The women and children of our community are counting on your time and donations. Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Get involved

Contribute to Women On Maintaining Education and Nutrition by visiting www.TheBigPayback.org, search for W.O.M.E.N., and complete the easy and secure donation form or by clicking www.thebigpayback.civicore.com/educatingwomen this link will take you directly to our #BigPayback page for you to donate.Your gifts on Wednesday, May 3 are eligible to be amplified by bonuses, incentives, and prizes made possible by The Big Payback’s generous sponsors. Also, check out our social media pages there you can like and share us with your friends. Spread the word the Big Payback event is not just important to us, It’s important for our community … and you!









Our staff and board of directors would like to extend a heart warming thank you to all of our dedicated supporters, volunteers and donors.

Thank you !

W.O.R.T.H Dinner & Discussion

You are invited to our special WOMEN’s support group sessions. 


Please join us!


You don’t have to suffer alone

Sessions are open to all domestic violence victims in and around the Davidson county area.

if you would like one on one sessions instead of group sessions please call the schedule.

for more details and  information

Please call us at 615-256-3882 or email: women@educatingwomen.org

Host The Barrel Campaign!

Guess what!  In order to celebrate our 21st anniversary we are doing a food drive called “Host The Barrel”!  If you are willing to participate by allowing us to place our barrel at your organization or office, please contact us!flyer -page-001

W.O.R.T.H.: Dinner & Discussion

Join us for our monthly Dinner and Discussion!

W.O.R.T.H. Acronym Image Final


2015 WORTH flyer - Copy

Sessions are open to newly diagnosed individuals as well as those returning to care. 

Please call us at 615-256-3882 or email: women@educatingwomen.org for more details and location information.

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