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AIDS Memoir: Journal of an HIV-Positive Mother
by Catherine Wyatt-Morley
Kumarian Press
Paperback. 212 pages. Copyright © 1997

Price: $10.00

Through a series of thoughfully written notes to her children, an African-American mother tells the story of how she learned that    she was HIV-positive and what that would eventually mean to her children, her marriage, her spiritual development, and her life’s  work.

By refusing to be a victim, Catherine Morley presents a story of how life goes on even after being diagnosed with HIV and all the debilitating physical, psychological, and social agonies associated with it. Morley’s story is one of love, faith, and hope under the most adverse of circumstances. It separates the most recent research based facts from HIV/AIDS fiction and provides the reader with a glimpse into a world that we must all learn to understand.

AIDS presents all the peoples of this world with a truly international challenge and while this is an African-American story about how one exceptional individual is dealing with this disease, what Catherine Morley has to say will provide information, guidance, and support to millions of people throughout the world who are either suffering with AIDS or providing care and love for others who are living with this disease.

“This book should be in every school library. I found it to be very educational and full of information needed by teenagers today as well as adults. It is an eye-opening study showing how little the effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on children has been taken into consideration and awakening us to the way we prejudge and make assumptions about those who are HIV positive.”


Rev. Dr. Mary Lou Moore
International Christian Community Awareness Ministries, Inc.
and Associate Pastor,
Mount Tabor A.M.E. Church, Philadelphia





Positive People: Combating HIV and AIDS
by Ian Mayo-Smith & Catherine Wyatt-Morley
Kumarian Press
Paperback. 108 pages. Copyright © 2005

Price: $10.00


Filled with personal stories, poems, and memories, Positive Peoplecharts the varied experiences of people living with HIV and AIDS. Each person presented in the book shows a unique “face” of the virus, and gives hope that those with AIDS can lead fulfilling, healthy lives.



About the Authors:

Ian Mayo-Smith was born in London in 1924. He was educated at Cambridge and served in the Intelligence Corps in World War II as a crypt analyst at Bletchley Park. He was in Nigeria as a civil servant during 1953-66 before returning to London in 1967 to do research under Prof Sir Austen Robinson at Cambridge. He subsequently worked for the Ford Foundation in Nigeria and Kenya, for the United Nations in East Africa, and for the University of Connecticut, where he became Director of the Institute of Public Service International.

He represented the Harvard Institute for International Development in Brunei for two years (1988-90), and co-founded Kumarian Press with his wife Krishna Sondhi in 1977. Now a US citizen, Mr Ian Mayo-Smith spends half of each year in Pattaya and the rest in Connecticut.

Catherine Wyatt-Morley is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women On Maintaining Education and Nutrition. Ms. Wyatt-Morley has served on the Tennessee Community Planning Group (TCPG) and the Adult AIDS Clinical Trial Group (AACTG) and Community Constituency Group (CCG), Washington D.C., for 4.5 years. She has a great concept of clinical trials and adherence issues faced by women. Ms. Wyatt-Morley also served on the Patient Care Committee while a member of AACTG.

In addition, national organizations including the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) and National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA) are two community-based organizations familiar with her work. Her many media events include a CNN Live studio interview “Women and HIV/AIDS”, MSNBC in-studio live interview and a large variety of national/local radio interviews. The National Register of Who’s Who honors her in their 2002 edition. Ms. Wyatt-Morley has been inducted into the “Women’s National Hall of Fame” for her volunteer outreach efforts in HIV/AIDS education.


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Reasons to Live: Women, Their Families, and HIV
Produced by Catherine Wyatt-Morley
Directed by Mark Jackson
Run-Time: 32 minutes
Price: $10.00 

“Reasons to Live” educates infected and affected individuals dealing with HIV/AIDS. Individuals living with HIV/AIDS tell their stories and explain the effects of HIV upon their family relationships. This documentary combats ignorance and misinformation about HIV and AIDS with an honest portrayal of the disease and its effects upon our lives.


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