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Community PROMISE

Community PROMISE is an effective, community- level HIV/STD prevention intervention that relies on role model stories and peer advocates to influence change in risky behavior. Community PROMISE targets African-American females ages 18-32 that engage in high risk behaviors that put them in danger of contracting STD’s and/or HIV.  The goal of Community PROMISE is to educate about unprotected sexual behaviors in hopes to reduce the spread of STD’s and HIV.

Secretee Partiesare one of the methods utilized to educate our target population. Secretee Parties are small, themed gatherings that educate and empower women through HIV/AIDS education and prevention, breast cancer awareness, and domestic abuse issues. 

Wet Spot Educates women about the importance of knowing your body and how to take care of your body. Women will also learn partner negotiation skills.

Pajama BrunchIn a bedroom themed atmosphere; participants are educated about an array of topics, such as: safer sex, anatomy, female condom instruction, self breast examination, and partner negotiation. Women are asked to wear pajamas and enjoy a light a brunch.

Sista Saturday Caters to single women and offers a fun filled day “out on the town”. The focus is getting to know one another and learning to say NO to unprotected sex. Women will leave feeling empowered and more knowledgeable as well as have established new friendships.

GLOW n the DarkFeatures glow in the dark activities and novelties, such as: glow sticks, necklaces, glow body paint and demo toys. Women are educated about HIV/AIDS and STD’s while encouraging preventative measures that can be used to take charge of one’s overall health and body.


Free and Confidential HIV testing is available at all parties. 


Become a peer advocate

Distribute Role Model Stories

Donate to Secretee Parties

Get educated through a party

Volunteer at our agency/parties

Distribute flyers for events

For more information, contact Jaye Welsh, Director at 615-256-3882, Ext. 13.

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