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Purpose and…

Purpose and…

Live purposefully. You only have one life to get it right. You were born, you live and then you die. Time moves quickly. Time ticks into days, traveling into weeks, progressing into months, falling into years, running into decades. What did you do with the time between ticking, traveling, progressing, falling and running?

When life happens and your midnight hour comes and your mind becomes the battlefield and your body weakens under the pressure and the winds pierce your soul and the storms of life cause torrential downpours and difficulty becomes your second skin and your blood boils in despair and everything seems to come against you and heartbreak rocks your world and the pit of down consumes you and up is located on another planet, live purposefully.

At the end of life material wealth will all be put on a shelf. All that stuff -diamonds, gold, silver- we just can’t get enough- cars, houses, clothes and even your cherished bling won’t mean a thing. 

What will matter will be who’s life you made richer, deeper, stronger, meaningful. Empowerment with a purpose! Who will remember you when you are gone? When your last breath has been drawn and you lay hands crossed and the music stops and the dirt covers your hole in the ground and the flowers have withered away and the time between ticking, traveling, progressing, falling and running has passed, did you live purposefully? Each of us has a purpose, a destiny. 

Catherine Wyatt Morley

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