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Speak And Tweet Poetry Slam

Speak And Tweet Poetry Slam

 Meet us downtown at BB Kings from 7PM-9PM for our Speak & Tweet Poetry Slam. Enjoy food, drinks, music and poetry.

Admission is $10

This event open to the public.

Catherine Wyatt Morley

One thought on “Speak And Tweet Poetry Slam

ElansetevenPosted on  11:38 am - Dec 12, 2015

My second best jarunol: This poem means, to me, that you should be grateful. Take everything in a positive manner. Don’t be so negative. People have way less than you. Don’t look at the people that have more than you. What more do you actually NEED in life? You have a lot. Food, clothes, healthcare, family that loves and cares about you, loyal friends, and a home. Plus unnecassary items. So why want more and more and be greedy. The art or carrying a cheery smile; if everything goes wrong,’ to me means, if you can hold down (keep) a smile through the hardest times, it will take so much hard cruel work to get you to not smile. One need not to others such banners fly. If one has the will power to simply try,’ to me means, don’t say you can’t do something if you dont even try. Don’t start off negative or you’ll never find something to be positive about. If you’re upset about nothing, you will end up having to be upest about something. Don’t make problems in your life, just fix the ones you already have.

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