W.O.M.E.N.’s Spa Day

Our BreakFREE Program has things in place for us all to celebrate our first (invitation only) Spa Day event this Friday, May 26th. Our Domestic Violence department and volunteers have been working very hard getting donations and sponsors for this event.  The purpose of this event is to celebrate our clients ability to BreakFREE from domestic violence and to learn their worth and power.  This event is geared towards pampering these victims allowing many of them a first time receiving Message, Facial, Mani, Pedi and Salon experience. We encourage empowerment and uplifting education pertaining to domestic violence. Not all victims live to tell their stories. For us it is important that all women dealing with abuse of any kind know that they have the power to control their life, so if you are a victim – don’t wait, get help and get out now! We are very excited to share with the public the support we have here in Davidson County and the surrounding areas. Next time you are out shopping, stop by and thank these places for their support.


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Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters:

Coca-Cola Company (local Area)

Domino’s  (Store #5416)

Belcourt Theater

Fazoli’s (10 Harding Mall)

Sonic Drive Thru (398 Harding Place)

Wal-Mart (Store #688)

Victoria Secret  (Rivergate Goodlettsville)

Publix (Store #1116)

Cosmetology via TCAT Murfreesboro

Candice Lopez (Scentsy Consultant)

Kathryn M. (Message Therapist)

Natalie B. (Message Therapist)

Diana Hyter (Entertainment/Spiritual)


The locations, names and or companies listed above are not associated with our organization nor agree with anything we support. They are only donors for this event.