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Board Of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors


Welcome to 2017! “Thanks to the dedication, commitment, honesty, and constant hard work of our team, and volunteers. We are so excited about our 24th year and feel blessed to be part of an organization that creates such profound good in our community.  For 24 years W.O.M.E.N. has provided basic human services to those in greatest need in Nashville Davidson County and surrounding areas and plan on doing much, more. Further, we are working hard; shedding a bit of blood, a lot of sweat, and even a few tears on the road to making Whispering Hills a reality.
We have entered into a period of exciting transformation that is leading to a new directions and Branches of our Organization. Stay tuned and watch how the movers and shakers of W.O.M.E.N. change the world of healthcare and social services.  Better yet, become a part of this truly progressive organization.  We have Board membership opportunities available for progressive, active, and engaged individuals, and of course we always have volunteer opportunities, as well as a dynamic Community Action Board you can take part in. Contact us for more information or to get involved.
Our success would not be possible without the talent, dedication and hard work of the staff of the Institute. Their engagement and commitment to excellence drive the innovation that has made W.O.M.E.N. an internationally recognized model for Social Service. This reality would not be possible without the professionalism and determination of all employees, clients, suppliers and other entities with whom we daily work.” Thank you for all you’ve done, and all you will do.  You make us who we are, allowing us to serve others, and serve our purpose.
                Women On Maintaining Education and Nutrition Board of Directors




Our Vision


Women On Maintaining Education and Nutrition’s vision is to create lasting change in the lives of women and children, eliminate health disparities and empower prevention education. Our vision straightens prevention, integrating care and treatment, and education outreach activities through a collaborative network of partners.

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BarbPosted on  6:02 pm - Feb 14, 2017

Do your Board of Directors need to be local to Nashville? Or do you recruit nationwide?



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