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W.O.M.E.N. has an innate passion to serve the larger global community, and has fortunately traveled to several nations experiencing sights, sounds, smells, foods and made lifelong relationships. We have learned ways to communicate in many languages, witnessed many hardships and sacrifices, and seen many signs, billboards, labels, huts, hotels, houses, hospitals, dirt roads, super highways, mega malls, and the bullet train.  We have visited many villages, towns, and cities, ridden in many taxi cabs, tuktuk’s, railways, bus’, boats and learned new cultures.

In these places we have experienced immeasurable service opportunities providing boxes of panties, personal hygiene items, educational books, clothes, shoes, medical supplies and many other materials. W.O.M.E.N. has supported women escaping human trafficking, women transitioning from domestic violence, and provided life sustaining sustenance for those with HIV/AIDS. We have also sponsored more than nine children’s education. W.O.M.E.N.’s global services have proved to be crucial to the lives of countless women and girls, forged significant partnerships, and established branches of the organization abroad. With each global encounter, we have come away with a renewed appreciation for life, and returned with renewed strategies.

Our most impactful experience has been connecting with, and learning from, countless women and girls who have begun to make extraordinary contributions in their communities. These past global trips demonstrate our continued commitment to global missions. However, there is still much yet to do.

You can make a significant contribution to W.O.M.E.N.’s global services with your financial support. You can also make an impactful contribution by making in-kind donations. Here is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women and girls aboard by making a financial contribution to W.O.M.E.N.’s next global service.  


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