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Preventive Health


Toon8 Preventive Health

Yes, most people will hardly find the need to go to the doctor unless they are truly sick. Obviously, illness may not be ignored. Yet, with the current skyrocketed healthcare costs and the decidedly reduced income levels of most households, who would pay for something they don’t “need”?

The fact is, however, you really do need it! Women, especially, are at significantly higher risk of developing most chronic diseases affecting our planet.  These include Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke. Preventive health care can save lives. For example, women who undergo mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer among others, definitely have a better chance of latching onto early onset of disease. In many cases, this vastly improves their chances of better management and containment. In some  instances, a complete cure may even be possible. Sadly, most women delay or avoid getting necessary care because of cost. Preventive Health1The irony is that preventive health care really does save lives.

There are some things you can begin to do right now that don’t require medical assistance or knowledge. The World Research fund (http://www.wrf.org/preventive-healthcare/preventive-healthcare.php) lists four possible immediate steps you can embark on today towards good health practice:


          1. Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products; drink only in moderation (and red wine is the most acceptable use of alcohol
          2. Eat a proper balanced diet to get the correct amount of nutrients and calories daily
          3. Exercise at least three days per week; aerobic exercise will build muscle and endurance
          4. See your doctor regularly for checkups


As can be seen from the above, the most important part of preventive health care is maintaining good health habits. In addition to developing these habits, however, some screening services may prove worthwhile in either preventing or at least minimizing the effects of disease. Women, especially, should ensure they undergo the following, as regularly as required, for optimal health:

          • Pap smear
          • Breast self-examination
          • Mammography
          • Cholesterol screening
          • Cervical cancer screening
          • Lung cancer screening for smokers
          • Abdominal aortic ultrasound
          • Blood Pressure
          • Blood Sugar

In addition, you should have a plan for getting professional care before the need arises as well as ensure your immunizations are up to date. This is a must for every member of your family.

Often early detection is the key to effective treatment. Preventive Health2Some symptoms will require  you to see your doctor immediately. These include a lump or persistent lesion on your body, a seemingly long lasting fever, persistent and chronic cough, unexplained weight loss and continued aches and pains.

Preventive health is crucial, particularly for women.  Protect yourself and your loved ones by taking action to prevent disease and poor health.


Catherine Wyatt Morley

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