When Faced with Resistance…

When faced with resistance, apply persistence! 

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…Things You Should Know about HIV and Safer Sex (cont.)

If you chose to have sex, use a latex condom with EVERY partner. No exceptions. Use protection, wear a latex condom. Use a new latex condom each time you have vaginal, anal or oral sex. Use water based lubricant with latex condoms. Never use an oil-based lubricant such as hand lotion or baby oil. It weakens the latex and the condom may break. Use a latex barrier (a condom cut in half or a dental dam) if you have oral sex with a women. Massage, hugging

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15 Things You Should Know about HIV and Safer Sex

Anyone can get HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) HIV attacks your body’s immune system. A person with HIV may get sick with certain diseases and then be diagnosed with AIDS. Many people who have AIDS in their twenties become infected with HIV in their teens. You can be infected with HIV for 10 or more years without having any recognizable symptoms. You can’t tell by looking if someone has HIV. You can take steps to protect yourself from HIV. Put

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